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UK General Election has been called for July 4th

There is still time to register to vote, and appoint a proxy if you act quickly, and do it online!

Registration must be complete before June 18th, and the proxy set up before June 25th

Register to vote here 

Register your Proxy here 

Not sure when or where you last were on the electoral roll in the UK?

To find your old constituency from a post code, go here

To find a post code from an old address, go here

see Fact Sheet 26 VOTING IN UK GENERAL ELECTIONS in the Members only section


“It was very nice talking to you and I will certainly encourage as many people as I can to join and support the organisation. Thanks again. We couldn't have got the result without your assistance this evening.”

Evelyn E.

"Congratulations on the wonderful work that you are doing. I have been keeping an eye on news stories over the years, always hoping, as an affected UK pension recipient living in Australia, that things will change. With your constant keeping of this matter in the public domain, I am sure that they will one day."

Bonita X.

"I just rang the UK Pension Office and got unexpectedly efficient service and answers...they sent out a letter a few weeks after kicking off the payments giving options the payments giving options of lump sum or increased weekly payments based on the years that we have not claimed since becoming eligible. Your help has been wonderful. Thank you very much."

Keith B.


It is only through collective action that our voice will be heard. BPiA employs a lobbying and public relations company to ensure that British MPs are aware of the unfairness of our frozen pensions and publicises the issue so that the British electorate is informed of the shabby treatment given by the British Government to pensioners in Australia.

The rules regarding British State Pension are complex. Do you understand about voluntary contributions, additional state pension, spouse pensions and the New State Pension? As a member of BPiA you will be advised about these and more.

The rules keep changes. There are major changes underway to State Pension Age. The New State Pension was introduced in 2016. As a member of BPiA you will receive the latest news on changes to legislation that may affect you. There is a hotline for answers to your questions.

By working together, we will obtain Fair Play for British State Pensions in Australia.

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