British Pensions in Australia (BPiA) fights for the rights

of many thousands of British expat pensioner members.

BPiA is an incorporated non profit volunteer association and a founder member of the International Consortium of British Pensioners (ICBP) BPiA represents Australian resident UK state pensioners who have paid into the mandatory UK National Insurance scheme in their working lives.

's primary mission is to force the UK Government to treat us fairly, equally and without discrimination, by recognising our right to parity with UK and many other international pensioners and annually indexing the UK pension to which we are entitled. See Pension Policies & Judgments for a full background explanation

BPiA will also help anyone who has worked in the UK discover the UK pension to which they may be entitled and help them with their application for this potential worthwhile retirement income.  See FAQ for all you need to get started and to download UK State Pension application forms.

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  • Following Jeremy Corbyn’s announcement of Labour’s support last week, he has written to the government to formally request an opportunity for parliament to vote on the Up-Rating Regulations that freeze our pensions. 
  • Corbyn also raised frozen pensions in his response to Theresa May’s Statement in the Commons on triggering Article 50, the highest profile of all parliamentary occasions.
  • The APPG have also had great success. Sir Roger Gale and Ian Blackford made a successful bid before the Backbench Business Committee, supported by a list of MPs from every party, including former Minister, Oliver Letwin. There will now be a parliamentary debate on frozen pensions in the Commons on Thursday 20 April 2017
    That this House notes the detrimental effect that the Social Security Benefits Up-rating Regulations 2017 will have on the lives of many expatriate UK citizens living overseas with frozen pensions; and insists that the Government take the necessary steps to withdraw those Regulations.
  • This was the most substantive motion permissible for a backbench debate. The result will be a very important signal of parliamentary support, though it will take the vote Corbyn is seeking on the “motion to annul” (as per EDM1097) to actually unfreeze our pensions. If secured, this vote would likely occur without debate, so the 20 April opportunity is vital.












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