The All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Frozen British Pensions exists to bring together parliamentary supporters of the case to unfreeze frozen British State Pensions Overseas and to campaign for reform on this issue.

It supports the 550,000 British pensioners, slightly less than half the pensioners living overseas, who are currently adversely affected by the government’s frozen pension policy.

 Unlike pensioners in the UK, and most others living overseas, frozen pensioners do not receive any annual inflation adjustments to their State Pensions, resulting over time in a reduction of the purchasing power of the pension. This leaves some facing poverty in old age.

 More than 95% of the ‘frozen’ pensioners live in Commonwealth countries, most in Australia, Canada, South Africa and New Zealand, but also India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, many Caribbean islands and all African countries.

The APPG has members from every political party in Westminster, united by this common cause.

Click here for more information: About The APPG from our UK campaign group