Workplace Pension Schemes

BPiA is concerned solely with the pension paid by the British Government as a consequence of the pensioner’s National Insurance Contributions. We have no capability with pension schemes sponsored by employers in the UK.

These schemes are also known as Occupational Pension Schemes. People who are or were members of Workplace Pension Schemes are referred to as being Contracted Out because they were able to opt out of contributing to and this receiving Additional State Pension. Being contracted out can also affect the amount of New State Pension for those people who reach State Pension Age after 5th April 2016.

British Government Employees and Members of The British Armed Forces

BPiA cannot help with pension schemes offered by the British Government outside National Insurance. You should contact the organisation paying your pension.

War Disablement Pensions and War Widows or Widower’s Pension

BPiA cannot help with War Disablement Pensions or War Widow’s or Widower’s Pensions. If you want further information about these pensions, please contact:

Veterans UK
Ministry of Defence

Thornton Clevelys
Lancashire FY5 3WP