Mission Statement

BPiA works to improve the well-being of recipients of British State Pension in Australia.


BPiA is an incorporated association under the Associations Incorporation Act 2009 (NSW): Registration number INC9880238.

BPiA is a Registered Charity.

BPiA has an ABN: 42 186 383 389.


Everyone who has worked in the United Kingdom is entitled to a British state pension on reaching state pension age subject to having paid or been credited with the required number of contributions to the National Insurance Scheme.

For recipients of British state pension who emigrated to, or returned to, Australia before they reached state pension age, the British Government freezes the rate of British State Pension paid at the rate applying when they reached state pension age.

For recipients of British state pension who reached state pension age after emigrating to, or returning to, Australia, their British State Pension will be frozen in Australia from the date they arrived in Australia.

We believe this is unfair and we campaign to end the British government policy of frozen pensions.

We campaign not because our pensions are frozen but because our pensions are frozen when state pensions paid to residents of other countries are not frozen.

BPiA has joined with the Canadian Alliance of British Pensioners (CABP) to channel our efforts in the United Kingdom through the International Consortium of British Pensioners (ICBP).

ICBP employs and pays for a public affairs, communications and campaigns agency in London, Tendo Consulting (https://www.tendoconsulting.co.uk/), to enable professional and effective lobbying of the British government. Tendo ensures that MPs and members of the House of Lords in Westminster are aware of the unfair discrimination against Australians and supports those MPs and members of the House of Lords who assist our campaign though questioning of British government Ministers.

BPiA uses an annual subscriptions model to provide a stable income to support its work. Subscriptions are set at a level that recognises that many of our members suffer from financial hardship due to the British government’s frozen policy. We therefore cherish those members who add a donation to their annual subscription payment.