Mission Statement

BPiA’s objective is to obtain Fair Play for British Pensions in Australia.


BPiA is an incorporated association under the Associations Incorporation Act 2009 (NSW).

BPiA is not a registered charity.

Our registration number is INC9880238


The British Government freezes the rate of British State Pension paid to residents of Australia. This freezing applies when the pension is first paid to the pensioner if they reach State Pension Age whilst living in Australia.

For pensioners who reached State Pension Age before emigrating to, or returning to, Australia, their British State Pension will be frozen in Australia from the date they arrived in Australia.

This British pension policy and practice is unfair, immoral and discriminatory.

BPiA collaborates with Canada’s Alliance of British Pensioners (CABP) as the International Consortium of British Pensioners (ICBP) www.pensionjustice.org to overturn this immoral British pension practice.

ICBP employs and pays for a London PR Agency (Tendo Consulting), to lobby Westminster MPs and Lords to raise the awareness of the unjust frozen pension policy.

BPiA’s annual subscriptions help pay for this service by Tendo consulting.