You cannot get your pension unfrozen by yourself.

It is only through collective action that our voice will be heard. BPiA employs a lobbying and public relations company to ensure that British MPs are aware of the unfairness of our frozen pensions and publicises the issue so that the British electorate is informed of the shabby treatment given by the British Government to pensioners in Australia.

You will learn your rights and entitlements.

The rules regarding British State Pension are complex. Do you understand about voluntary contributions, additional state pension, spouse pensions and the New State Pension? As a member of BPiA you will be advised about these and more.

You will be kept informed of changes to British State Pension regulations.

The rules keep changing. There are major changes underway to State Pension Age. The New State Pension was introduced in 2016. As a member of BPiA you will receive the latest news on changes to legislation that may affect you. There is a hotline for answers to your questions.

You will support the fight for Fair Play for British Pensions in Australia.

By working together, we will obtain Fair Play for British State Pensions in Australia.