BPiA Chairman, Brian Owles, has sent a copy of Broken Faith to Scott Morrison to coincide with the 75th Anniversary of VJ Day. In his covering letter, Brian pointed out the unfair treatment of veterans by the British Government. He asked the Prime Minister to raise the issue with the British Government.

Two of our members, Patricia Coulthard and Robert Haley, who are themselves veterans of WW2, have also written to the Prime Minister.

Broken Faith documents the stories of  26 brave veterans of the Second World War, all of whom have frozen pensions. The booklet shows how ungrateful the British Government is when it comes to its treatment of veterans of the conflict. The reality shown by these case histories conflicts with the platitudes expressed by the UK Government.

You can read the letter sent by Brian here.

You can read the letter sent by Patricia Couthard and Robert Haley here.

You can read Broken Faith here.