BPiA had a successful day at the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras Fair Day!

British Pensions in Australia Inc. (BPiA) had a stall at this year’s Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras Fair. The Fair was held on Sunday 20th February in Victoria Park, Camperdown.

The Fair was forecast to attract over 60,000 visitors and with the beautiful weather and the easing of Covid restrictions may well have attracted even more.

We answered questions from dozens of people and have high expectations of an increase in membership from the event.

People enquiring about our campaign included visitors from the UK, Australians who had worked in the UK, immigrants from the UK, people who have parents or grandparents who already receive the UK State Pension and those just curious about what BPiA does.

Several people had private pensions from their time in the UK and wanted to know how they could transfer them to Australia without being penalised with excessive tax. We explained we couldn’t help them but could guide them to claim their UK State Pension.

Our key message was “help end the discrimination against Australians”.

There was a range of knowledge about the frozen pensions issue with some fully aware and others shocked to hear about the discrimination against Australians. There were several people who had worked for many years in the UK who were unaware they could claim a UK State Pension here in Australia.

20th February 2022