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BPiA Facebook Posts inspired by our President’s visit to UK


BPiA has published a series of posts on Facebook inspired by our President's visit to UK There has been a series of posts on Facebook over the last two weeks, inspired by our President Patrick Edwards' recent visit to UK, and the people he met there. You can view them in two places: 1. The Private BPiA discussion group (posts cannot be shared). .   Scroll up, and Click the leftmost blue FB icon on the top right of the page, or go here 2. The public BPiA page, open to all (posts can be shared). .  Scroll up, and [...]

BPiA Facebook Posts inspired by our President’s visit to UK2024-05-07T14:50:29+10:00



British Age Pensioner Alliance The British Age Pensioner Alliance (BAPA) is campaigning to get the UK Government to pay the UK State Pension with inflation increases to pensioners everywhere, no matter where in the world they live. Everyone who is entitled to a UK State Pension has paid in on the same terms, so there’s no justification for the UK Government’s policy of freezing pensions if you don’t live in the right country. To join BAPA and keep up to date with its activities, please subscribe to the BAPA group on Google Groups by sending an email to with a [...]

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