Get Your Voice Heard on the BBC!


Get your Voice heard by the BBC! THIS IS A CHANCE FOR US ALL TO MAKE OUR VOICES HEARD!!!! I would ask every one of you to join me in telling the BBC about the injustice that we are all having to live with. If we make the effort and enough of us send in messages, we may well get to have a say. The site is: Your Voice, Your Vote - Your Vote - Send - BBC Click on the above link and the form to send your message will appear. Fill out the form with your comment [...]

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UK General Election is on July 4th


UK General Election Announced The Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, has announced that the UK General Election will take place on Thursday 4th July. He has requested His Majesty the King to dissolve Parliament on 30th May and the King has agreed to his request. The time between today and 30th May 2024 is to allow for what is called “wash up”. All incomplete legislation lapses when Parliament is dissolved and wash up allows the government, with the agreement of the opposition, to complete what is deemed essential legislation. BPiA hopes to have a list of constituencies and candidates available [...]

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