BPiA has sent a Chinese New Year card to all our representatives in Canberra with the message:

请做点什么来结束英国政府冻结养老金的政策。 目前有超过 200,000 名澳大利亚人受到该政策影响。澳大利亚纳税人每年因此损失 1.1 亿美元。 澳大利亚政府在结束这种对澳大利亚人的不公平待遇方面做得还不够。 我们只能依赖你们去促成改变。


In English this says:

“Please do something to end the British Government policy of frozen pensions. There are over 200,000 Australians affected and it is costing the Australian taxpayer $110 million a year. The Australian government is not doing enough to end this unfair treatment of Australians. We are relying on you.

Best wishes for the year of the tiger.”