BPiA’s President, Patrick Edwards, is part of a Joint Delegation to UK MPs to give them information on the unfair Frozen Pensions situation.
Most British MPs know very little about the frozen pensions situation, and how unfair it is.
Tendo, Our agency in London, has organised “drop in” Information sessions in London for UK MPs as part of their #EndfrozenPensions campaign
For information, Ex-Pat pensioners will soon have the right to vote in UK Elections without time limit, so MPs in marginal seats may pay us more attention!
Please share this with friends and relatives
Please use the tool below to find, and write to the MP in the last constituency in which you were registered to vote.


Please invite your former MP to the Frozen Pensions parliamentary event!
Half a million British pensioners around the world are denied annual indexation to their state pensions, meaning their pensions are ‘frozen’ in value and fall in real terms year-on-year.
If you suffer from a frozen pension, please invite your former MP to our Frozen Pensions Drop-in Event, taking place in Parliament on Tuesday 22nd November.
Your message will help to spread awareness of frozen pensions among MPs and help to bring pressure on the UK Government for change.
Using our online tool, all you have to do is enter the postcode of your last address in the UK – this will match you to your former constituency MP and reveal a template email invitation. You are more than welcome to customise the template however you like – the more personal your message the better!
The ‘Write to MP’ tool can be found here: https://endfrozenpensions.org/find-your-mp/ and we would be very grateful if you could please spread this message with your friends and family and across any expat networks.
Thank you for your continued support!