BPiA is constantly in touch with breaking news and events in the UK about pension justice and our fight.  Since our campaign began there has been a growing interest in the issue from concerned politicians, jurists and of course the media.  Our network of members and volunteers both here and in the UK constantly monitor the UK media and maintain active contacts in the UK so that you, as a member, can be regularly kept up to date.  Check our news feed to see how we are going.

Canada's CBC has also provided good coverage of Anne Puckridge as our representative travelling to London.

Anne Puckridge's story has now made the front page of the BBC's online news.


The petition to the UK Government had over 196,000 signatures as at October 17th. Read a very good background story about it HERE in the Financial Times Adviser. The article is also worth reading for the comments, some of which are very well-informed.


This video is being used to promote our petition and the visit to London of our lobby group, which will include Anne Puckridge.  Click HERE to view. Note, the video is password protected. Password is tendo 

Another excellent article, this time in The Guardian, highlighting the plight of so many British pensioners who choose to live out their retirement in the 'wrong' country.