Labour Social Security shadow minister Alex Cunningham has succeeded where all have failed.  He writes to Tim Snowball, our representative at PHA, the media and PR consultancy who have been working for us:

We have been working hard to progress the issue you and several hundred of your members have contacted me about over the last week. [If you were one of these, well done!]

You will be pleased to know that after consultation with the Labour leader’s office, Jeremy Corbyn and members of the parliamentary Labour Party will sponsor and sign the EDM praying against the Regulations.  This ought therefore to result in a vote of the whole House on the matter. 

I am sure you will be advising your members of this and encouraging them all to contact Tory MPs who will be key to turning the Government over on this matter.  Even if every opposition MP votes against, the Government can still do as they please as they have that overall majority.

Tim Snowball commented:

I think Alex has underestimated our parliamentary support in other parties. We have block support from the SNP and smaller parties. We have some Lib Dem supporters and enough reliable Tory backers to neutralise the government majority. With whipped Labour backing, a victory is not impossible! (If, we can get the vote)........

The member/supporter lobbying is proving very very effective and this is therefore a collective victory that can be widely celebrated.  The focus of the campaigning efforts will now need to switch to Tory backbenchers.  The constituency linked emails remain very important.

Tim is correct, it's up to us once more to contact Conservative MPs and press home the message.  If your local MP in your last UK constituency is a Tory, now's the time to write or email her or him.  But please hold off for a day or so until Tim drafts an appropriate and highly focused message for us.  Watch this website for details.