BPiA is looking for volunteers from our members to help pursue our objective of Fair Play for British Pensions in Australia.

Membership Administration

Volunteers attend our office in Edgecliff, New South Wales on alternate Wednesday mornings. Volunteers open mail, record changes to membership details in our database and mail out reminders to members who do not have email addresses. At present, due to the Covid-19 crisis, the Wednesday morning volunteer sessions have been cancelled.

Facebook Moderator

This role is suited to anyone who uses Facebook regularly. BPiA has a Facebook page and the moderator will review applications from people wanting to view content, review content added by others and delete inappropriate postings. This work can be done from home by anyone who has basic experience with Facebook. Training will be given, if required.

Website Manager

We are looking for someone with expertise in website management. We would appreciate hearing from any member who has skills in this area and might be able to assist.

Local Representatives

The role of Local representatives is to telephone new members to welcome them to BPiA and to be available for questions from members. Most often, the answer will be to call 1300 308 353.

Mail Delivery

We plan to deliver flyers in areas with a high British population to encourage more people to become members. We need volunteers willing to take a walk around their neighbourhood delivering flyers into people’s letterboxes.

If you have any interest in assisting with any of the above roles, please email us.